My Totally Impressive, Unimpressive Life

I've got this tumblr blog/page/thingy and I'm probably going to start writing about stuff and junk. Deal with it. Or, you know, don't. Whatever. No pressure.

I've found that many people comment to me about how impressive it is when I (circle all that apply) make stuff/paint walls/bake things/plan a wedding/do holidays/show up/cook/refinish crappy old furniture/etc. Then they say "Gosh gee willikers, Kari, I wish I could do that but it's too darned convoluted for me to figure out." (and then I'm all, "Dude, it's paint on a wall. Chill out.") What I mean is, I am constantly telling them that, in fact, these things I do are rarely impressive at all. True story: I almost never know what I'm doing and I usually only know to do it at all because the internet (*cough*Pinterest*cough) has told me to. Also, most if not all of these "skills" will never ever earn me any kind of money and thus are mostly useless. It's more about putting in the time/effort or some combo thereof. So, if you'd like to be as impressively unimpressive as me (or share in my quest to continually increase my unimpressive, impressive repertoire, then by all means...

Say what?